Interview with Illustrator Andrew Kolb

Illustrator Andrew Kolb first gained attention with his illustrated version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. Since then, he has created illustrations for clients including chickaDEE Magazine, the Toronto Zoo, and Pixar. He is also the author of Edmund Unravels and the illustrator of All Aboard!: Let’s Ride a Train and All Aboard!: The Christmas Train. Listen to this podcast to learn all about his new book, All Aboard! The Airport Train.

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All Aboard! The Airport Train

Are you looking for an engaging book that will keep your little one busy with fascinating illustrations? Check out this new picture book written by Nichole Mara and illustrated by Andrew Kolb. As soon as this book arrived, I immediately loved the book because of its unique features and illustrations.

This book, which is part of a three part series, is not just a picture book, it’s a plethora of endless activities! As soon as you open the book, you will notice how the whole book opens to a train. On the first page, instructions are given on “how to read this book” and the exploring starts here!

Language and Learning Tips

Each page is full of language and learning opportunities for your young child. Open each flap and explore the possibilities.

For example, first stop…Gate 1. “Can you find the clothes these travelers will NOT need on their tropical vacation?” For this particular page, your child will work on negation (NOT), visual awareness, answering questions, comparison and categorization (e.g. summer clothes versus winter clothes). This book is endless with tips so don’t just stop at Gate 1, keep moving through the train!

Carryover Activities

The fun doesn’t have to stop when you read the end of the book. Discuss what an airport train is by showing your child images and short videos. What is the difference between an airport train and a steam train? How about an airport train and a subway? For children living in urban areas, that is a good question! If you have other books in the series, you can also compare the books and discuss the similarities and differences. 

All Aboard

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