A Swirl of Ocean

A Swirl of Ocean, the Synopsis

If you read my blog, you will know that I am a big fan of middle grade novels! I am also a fan of Melissa Sarno and her book, Just Under the Clouds. 

A Swirl of Ocean has a very unique and intriguing plot with interesting characters that keeps a reader engaged in the story. Twelve year old, Summer has an interesting past. She was found as a two year old alone on the beach by her caregiver, Lindy who immediately takes her in and becomes her family. It’s been the two of them living together since Lindy found her on the beach that day. That is until Lindy asks her boyfriend, Elder to move in. Things are also changing with her best friend whose father mysteriously shows up one day.

One evening, Summer goes for a swim and gets caught in a riptide where she swallows mouthfuls of water. That night, she has vivid dreams about a girl named Tink, which she is convinced this has something to do with her past. Does it? You will have to find out by reading the book!

Discussion Questions

A Swirl of Ocean includes valuable lessons for your middle grade reader! This book can be read aloud over time or read alone and then discussed afterwards. Here are some starter questions to ask as you are reading this book!

What do you think happened to Summer when she was left on the beach? 

How does Summer feel when Elder becomes a more significant part of Summer’s life with Lindy? How would you feel?

Who is the Turtle Lady and what is her role in this book?

Would you like to live by the beach like Summer? Why or why not?

Have you ever had vivid dreams? If so, what were they and what do you think they mean?

Describe Summer’s connection with the ocean. Do you have a connection like that with nature? If so, what is it and can you describe it? 

Draw a picture of your favorite scene in the book. Is it the ocean? Summer’s house? Turtle Lady’s house? Be creative and describe the scene. 

Using Graphic Organizers for Students

Check out these graphic organizers by Tips and Tricks Teachers that can be printed right from the website! Graphic organizers often help children organize their thoughts are ideal when writing a summary. Another thought is to use mind mapping, which is one of my favorite strategies when getting ready to create a class or an article. 

A Swirl of Ocean

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