Interview with Ronda M. Wojcicki, SLP Author of Speech Class Rules

Podcast with Ronda

Don’t miss my podcast here with Ronda! We had a wonderful conversation about her book with some great tips for parents!

Speech Class Rules

Do you have a child that is starting speech and language therapy? Do you have a child already in speech and language therapy? This picture book written by Ronda M. Wojcicki, MS, CCC-SLP and illustrated by Loel Barr is an excellent book that can be used as an educational tool in both the classroom or at home. It can also help those children who are confused about what speech and language therapy is and why they need to attend this therapy. 

The book begins with the main character Laney Lynn, who is graduating from speech. As the story continues, Laney Lynn takes the readers through the process of beginning speech class as well as her speech group. Specific concepts are emphasized such as certain terms and the rules of speech class. What is most important about this book is the variety of speech and language disorders mentioned in the book. This helps others understand the variety of speech and language disabilities. 

Vocabulary Expansion

Ronda does not shy away from expanding vocabulary in this book! I love that she uses specific terms that are helpful for both children and adults such as stuttering, articulation, good vocal hygiene and sequencing. The author Ronda is intentional about each detail in the story including the larger text (for read aloud in large groups) to the different color text and repetitive lines. Her book is also very relevant because it reflects what a group therapy session may resemble in a public school.

Carryover Questions and Note to Parents

Don’t miss Ronda’s carryover questions and resources at the end of her book. She also includes a “note to parents” that can be helpful for parents and/or caregivers.

Speech Class Rules – An Introduction to Speech Therapy for Children

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