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Interview with Author and Autism Advocate, Julie Hornock

“To every parent who has heard the life-changing words, ‘Your child has autism.’ Together we are stronger.” Julie Hornok, author of United in Autism 

United in Autism, Finding Strength inside the Spectrum

United in Autism by Julie Hornok is a beautiful collection of stories about families of children with autism. I came across this book via social media and I was immediately drawn to it. After receiving the book, I immediately began reading it and didn’t put it down till I finished it! Each story was unique and special in their own way. I also enjoyed how the stories varied in culture, severity, perpectives and different parts of the world. 

Foreword written by Temple Grandin

The book begins with a thoughtful and genuine foreword, by Temple Grandin, a leader in the field of Autism. She gives her thoughts about the book and advice to parents going through a diagnosis of Autism with their child. She urges parents to put together their own programs if local educational services are not available to them. This foreword is the perfect segway to the inspirational stories that Julie shares in this special book.

30 Collections

United in Autism includes 30 different stories written from the heart of parents of children with Autism all over the world. Read the story of Rahel Abayneh, who started her own school in Ethiopia. Become inspired by Corinnne Long, who son’s diagnosis motivated her to help the underprivileged families in Hungary. Each parent has been through their own journey, which makes reading this book even more inspiring. Reading the hardships of these parents and how they overcame their challenges is an inspiration to all. 

About Julie and a link to my interview with her!

Julie Hornok is not just the author of this book, she is also the parent of a child with Autism. She is an Autism Advocate that has dedicated her life to helping others. When her daughter, Lizzie, was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, Julie Hornok jumped into researching and implementing a thirty-hours-a-week home therapy program.  A few years later, as her daughter made good progress, Julie went through her videos and began a video blog (www.LizzieHornok.Blogspot.com) showing Lizzie’s progress to encourage others.

As a result of the video blog, Julie became the go-to mom for helping parents with a new autism diagnosis and was honored to accept a position on the board of the National Autism Association of North Texas. She was also asked to blog for AutismSpot. Blogging regularly enabled her to encourage and help thousands across the globe through humorous, heartfelt stories about Lizzie and videos showing the therapies she was using to help her daughter progress.

Through AutismSpot, Julie discovered her love for writing. She has published short stories in multiple Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and her work has also appeared in Scary MommyParenting Special Needs Magazine, Autism Parenting MagazineThe MightyThat’s Inappropriate and many more. Her first book, United in Autism: Finding Strength Inside the Spectrum released in October 2018.

 For more information about Julie, visit her website at Juliehornok.com. 

United in Autism: Finding Strength inside the Spectrum

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