Interview with Toni Buzzeo, author of When Sue Found Sue

I am excited to be interviewing Toni Buzzeo, author of 26 picture books and 11 books for teachers and librarians. Toni has a wealth of knowledge on her website including teachers guides, lesson plans and much more! It’s an excellent resource for teachers, therapists, librarians and parents.

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When Sue Found Sue

When Sue Found Sue written by Toni Buzzeo and illustrated by Diana Sudyka arrived at my home, I immediately knew this book was going to be an interesting read. Who is Sue? What does Sue have to do with dinosaurs? These are the questions I asked my kids when the book arrived. We will certainly find out when we start reading! In addition, the book was made even more special by speaking with the author, Toni Buzzeo on my podcast. Listen to to the podcast here to learn more about Toni and this fascinating book!


Who is Sue Hendrickson? I have a real keen interest in non fiction picture books because it not only tells a story but also gives the reader and children opportunities to explore more about the character. The book begins with the introduction of Sue as a young child. Sue is shy, inquisitive and has a passion for finding things. She was always on a hunt for something interesting! Sue loved books and that’s where her passion continued to develop for knowledge. Sue wasn’t like other kids but she didn’t conform to what she should be, she embraced who she was. As the story continues, the author continues to tell the story of how Sue began her career and discovered the best thing yet, the most complete T.rex skeleton ever unearthed.

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Language and Learning Tips

When Sue Found Sue has endless valuable lessons embedded in the story. I talk more about this with Toni during our podcast episode but some of the key points I want to highlight today are:

  1. Embracing who you are and not conforming to who you should be. This is an important lesson in this book because Sue always followed her passion and curiosity. This is important for both young girls and boys and they discover their own passion.
  2. Never give up your imagination and follow your gut! If Sue didn’t follow her gut, that T-Rex would not have been discovered that day or maybe never, who knows? She had a feeling and went with it. This is a truly valuable lesson in life for both children and adults!
  3. The book contains many factual information about Sue Hendrickson. Take the book a step further and watch some videos of Sue with your child. Are you close by to Chicago Field Museum? Check it out in person! I know I would after reading this book!

When Sue Found Sue

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Looking for a video to watch with your kids? Check this video out…

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