Stories for Boys Who Dare To Be Different

Inspiration for Boys!

On my blog, I love sharing all different types of books that inspire our children, both boys and girls. I love the book Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and how it helps inspire young girls to be whatever they want to be!  After reading that book, I longed for a book that I can share with my son to help inspire him.

Stories for Boys Who Dare To Be Different

One day on Instagram, I found just what I was looking for! Stories for Boys Who Dare To Be Different! True Tales of Amazing Boys Who Changed The World Without Killing Dragons by Ben Brooks and illustrated by Quinton Winter. This book tells inspirational stories of diverse boys and men young and old from different backgrounds and cultures. This book is full of 80 wonderful and inspirational stories of boys and men that changed the world in all different ways. This beautiful book is not only inspiring in it’s words but the illustrations are also captivating as well. 

What people are included in this book? Inspiring stories such as Harvey Milk, Bill Gates, Patch Adams, Caine Monroy and David Attenborough to name a few! We loved reading about Patch Adams, who persevered after being bullied and became a doctor that not only healed children but gave them the gift of laughter and job.

One of our favorite stories was Caine Monroy. What an inspiratinal and creative person Caine is! This story will inspire any child, both girls and boys! Caine didn’t just start an arcade, he started a movement. Watch this video to learn more!

Tips When Reading Aloud

When I reading this book aloud, ask your child to choose a person they want me to read about. After reading that person’s biography, discussed their specific achievements and why they are included in the book. I prefer to go online and search for more information about that person (e.g. videos, books, etc). This helps bring the person more to life for a child. Each story is special in it’s own way and can lead to many thoughtful and important discussions with your children. 

Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different: True Tales of Amazing Boys Who Changed the World without Killing Dragons

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