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“I am Harriet Tubman. Follow me. I will lead the way to freedom.” I am Harriet Tubman (2018)

I am thrilled to be a part of the I am Harriet Tubman Blog Tour sponsored by Penguin Young Readers. If you have been following this blog tour, you might have already seen the reviews posted by my fellow bloggers. If not, here is the list!

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I am huge fan of Brad Meltzer Ordinary People Change the World series. This series celebrates the ordinary people who have been changing our world since the beginning of time.  I have reviewed many of Brad’s books including I am Albert Einstein, I am Martin Luther King Jr.,   I am Helen Keller, I am Abraham Lincoln, and I am Lucille Ball. Brad celebrates these iconic people through a wonderful storytelling experience while incorporating facts that will engage the reader.

I am Harriet Tubman takes the reader on an adventure by learning about the fascinating life of Harriet Tubman. The author takes you through her many hardships in childhood during the time of slavery and how she used this time to shape the accomplishments she achieved as an adult. When reading this book, your child will learn about Harriet’s bravery, the Underground Railroad and how she risked her own life to save others. By the end of the story. your child will have a true appreciation for the amazing risks that Harriet took to free her people from slavery. This book is perfect for Black History Month because it can lead to many stimulating conversations about Harriet Tubman and the world she lived in at the time. Discuss the Civil War, the Underground Railroad and the hardships of the people living in the South. As I read this book, I noticed the opportunity to expand vocabulary through the use of a vocabulary expansion activity.

Check out my free printable 

Harriet-T Printable Activity

Print out the worksheets and then cut into cards. For the last page, let your child be creative in drawing their own definition for “freedom.” This activity can be completed in a classroom or at home. Encourage your child to be creative and if needed, give examples to help define the vocabulary. For more tips on how to encourage expanding vocabulary, click here.

I am Harriet Tubman (Ordinary People Change the World)

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