This is Not The Abby Show

Do you have a child with ADHD? Are you an educator and want to help your students understand different types of learners and disabilities? Is your child an “out of the box” thinker?

As an “out of the box” mom, I appreciate and enjoy any books that celebrates children’s differences and empowers them to be who they want to be.

When I saw This is NOT The Abby Show on my Twitter feed, it immediately caught my eye. I love books for older elementary school students that combine humor, academics and real life experiences into an engaging and heartwarming story that children can relate to. This is NOT The Abby Show is about a 7th grader named Abby that is twice exceptional. She is brilliant at math and science but struggles with English. She can’t wait to spend the summer learning theater at Camp Star Lake for the Performing Arts. However, her plans are changed when she gets sent to summer school because of her poor grades in English! At first she is angry at being at summer school until she finds good friends and learns some valuable lessons about life, friendship and being unique. I love how the author discusses “difficult to talk about” issues in a way that is casual, funny and meaningful all at the same time. ADHD is an attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder that can affect individuals in different ways. Debbie Reed Fischer highlights these differences in a way that children can learn to understand and appreciate. This book is a must read for girls with ADHD, but most importantly for educators that want to make their classrooms an accepting community with students of different types of thinkers and learners.

Are you an educator? Check out this comprehensive reading guide that aligns with the Common Core standards. This reading guide includes discussion questions, a crossword puzzle, a react or respond worksheet with it’s own graphic organizer and the spotlight is on you activity with its own graphic organizer.

Do you want to read more about Debbie Reed Fischer? Check out her website with links to other books and a bio about fulfilling her dream as an author!

This Is Not the Abby Show

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