So B. It

Are you looking for a remarkable book to read with your older child? Check out So B. It!

When I was at the library the other day with my daughter, I chose one of the most wonderful books right off the shelf.  I wanted to share this book titled So B. It by Sarah Weeks with my readers today for children ages 8 and up. I started reading So B. It that afternoon and didn’t stop reading until I was done with it the next day. From the very first page, I loved the book and the story continued to engage me throughout each chapter. I was particularly interested in this book because of the story line. As a speech language pathologist who works with children and adults with developmental disabilities and complex communication needs, I found this book interesting because it was from the perspective of a child whose parent had complex communication needs and intellectual disabilities.

The story takes place in Reno Nevada and is from the perspective of the main character, Heidi. She lives with her mother but is primarily taken care of by their neighbor, Bernadette. Bernadette is her primary caregiver and home school teacher. Since Heidi’s mother has limited language, she was never able to tell Heidi her birth history or how they ended up in Reno, Nevada. One of her mother’s words is “soof”. Heidi is so puzzled by this word definition and knows that it’s a significant word that means something. How can she find out the meaning of this word?

Throughout the story, Heidi seeks answers and decides to take an unforgettable journey cross country to find out what she is seeking. Who is her father? Who is her grandmother? What does soof mean? Heidi finds the answers she is seeking and also discovers a lot about herself.

Are you a teacher? Check out this interview with Sarah Weeks about So B. It.

This book was also turned into a movie. To learn more about the movie, click here. Check out the trailer below but read the book first! This book is not only for an older child but can be enjoyed by an adult as well. I think it’s best read together with your child so you can have discussions together about the story line.

So B. It

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