Alexander Graham Bell Answers the Call

Alexander Graham Bell Answers the Call by Mary Ann Fraser is an excellent, easy to read and informative book about the famous Alexander Graham Bell. The author takes the reader through the life of Alexander Graham Bell including his childhood, adult years and inventions,  including the evolution of the telephone.

As a young boy, Aleck was surrounded by a world that spiked his curiosity. His fascination with sound came from his father, who was a speech therapist and helped many individuals diagnosed with hearing loss, including Aleck’s mother. Due his mother’s hearing loss, Aleck was determined to find a way to communicate better with his mother. Through his discovery of vibrations, he found that his mother could understand him without hearing the actual sounds. Through Aleck’s life, which included both tragedy and triumph, the author provides the reader with a wonderful way to connect and learn about Alexander Graham Bell. The reader will learn about some of his many inventions including a photophone, hydrofoil, audiometer, HD-4, metal detector and tetrahedral kite. Most importantly, he discovered the telephone!

Children will find this book fascinating to see the many developments how the telephone was created and what it looks like today! I was impressed how the author took complex information and was able to explain the invention and his life history in a way that young children can understand. I also loved learning about Aleck’s curiosity with sound and how his father’s career shaped his inventions.

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Alexander Graham Bell Answers the Call

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