Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

A couple of months ago, my daughter received this book, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli  as a gift. It has been such a wonderful experience reading this book with my daughter because both of us are learning about some rebellious and extraordinary women in history. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is not just a book that can be read at bedtime, it can read it anytime! This book was originally funded by Kickstarter, which was backed by 13,454 backers that pledged $675,614 to help bring this project to life. Having my own Kickstarter campaign backed up, I understand the work that goes into raising money.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is an important book for any young girls library. The book contains 100 stories about women from Hatshepsut, who was a Pharaoh from 1508-1458 B.C. to current women in history like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Each story can be an experience in itself when reading this with your daughter. Each page includes a full page portrait with a full page of information about that particular individual. The author also includes the years of the person’s life. I really enjoyed that the author included this information because it’s a good lesson for our daughters regarding women’s achievements that date back long in history.

Some of our favorites of the book so far are Ashley Fiolek, Julia Child, Helen Keller and Joan Jett from the Runaways. We are not done with the book yet! For each story, we discuss the person and then look online for more information. For most of these women, you can find pictures and videos online. We loved listening to the Runaways and seeing Ashley Riolek motor cross racing! This book also gives a new definition for rebellious.  Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls also can give some excellent ideas to read other books for more information. For example, after reading the Julia Child biography, my daughter took out Who is Julia Child? from the library to learn more about this iconic woman.

If you love this book, the 2nd book will be available November 2017. To learn more about these books, check out their website here.

Good Night Rebel Girls

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