Get Ready for Jetty

Get Ready for Jetty written by Jeanne Kraus and illustrated by Sandra Kimbell is a book written in a diary form about a girl named Jetty. Jetty is in 4th grade and has been recently diagnosed with ADHD. Throughout the book she discusses in the first person perspective, her thoughts and feelings about her diagnosis of ADHD and how it affects her both in school and at home. This book, which is written from Jetty’s point of view, is not only funny but forthcoming with regard to her challenges about being disorganized and unable to focus at times. In the beginning of the book, she struggles with organization, staying focused and making good friendships with others. With various strategies and interventions, Jetty learns how to meet her long term goals such as having better time management, being organized with her backpack, turning in homework on time, remembering her school work, following directions and using her planner to help her with reminders and homework assignments. The variety of text and pictures can keep a child engaged in the story but can also be read jointly with a parent. Get Ready for Jetty is also an excellent book to read in class to raise awareness of different types of learners and make other children aware of the various challenges that others students may have. Understanding and relating to Jetty’s perspective can make our children more empathetic and open minded. As parents and educators, I think we can raise more open minded and accepting children by being non-judgmental and educating them about all different learning differences.

The author, Jeanne Kraus has worked for the Broward County School System for over 30 years as a elementary reading specialists, classroom teacher and gifted teacher. To learn more about this author, check out this interview conducted by Magination Press here.

Are you a teacher and want to learn about educating your students more? How about a parent looking for more information? Check out this resource at Education World. There is also an informational video for students available on Brain Pop here. Do you have older students that are in middle school? Check out these lesson plans here for middle schoolers.

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Get Ready for Jetty!: My Journal About ADHD and Me

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