Douglas, You Need Glasses and Erik the Red Sees Green

Does your child wear glasses? Is your child colorblind? I wanted to review these two children’s books, Douglas, You Need Glasses and Erik the Red Sees Green this week to help give parents a resource about different vision issues. For many children, getting glasses can be exciting. For others, the process of wearing glasses can be frustrating and confusing.

Colorblindness can affect a child’s daily life from choosing their clothes in the morning to reading signs in the community. Reading a book such as Erik the Red Sees Green can help give insight to what it’s like being colorblind.

Douglas, You Need Glasses by Ged Adamson celebrates the concept of wearing glasses. Douglas, a friendly and sweet dog has trouble every day due to his nearsightedness. He misreads signs, goes to the wrong house and can’t find his bone during fetch. This causes him and his owner to get into a lot of trouble! One day, during a innocent game of fetch, Douglas retrieves a beehive instead of the ball. His owner decides that it’s time for Douglas to get his eyes checked. She brings him to the eye doctor to get a vision examination. Douglas is not able to see the animals clearly on the chart during the exam. He thinks a leaf is a squirrel, a bunny is a dinosaur and a bird is a horse. At the end of the story, his doctor gives him a prescription for glasses. On his way home, Douglas says “Wow! Everything looks amazing!” Douglas, You Need Glasses is a sweet story that any child would love, whether you have glasses or not! The story takes the reader through the process of getting a vision examination and receiving the prescribed glasses. It also shows the amazing result of getting the correct prescription at the end. Does your child want to show how they look in glasses? Participate by posting a picture of your child with the hashtag #douglasyouneedglasses and the author will see it.

Douglas, You Need Glasses

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Do you have a child that is color blind? Do you know anyone that is color blind? According to the Colour Blind Awareness website, approximately 4.5% of the world population lives with a color vision deficiency.

Erik the Red sees Green by Julie Anderson is an excellent book to read to your child to help raise awareness of color vision deficiency in children. Erik the Red has been having difficulty in school due to his difficulty with his vision. He can’t see the chalk board, throws the ball to the wrong team during gym class and gets in trouble for getting his work wrong in class. He is even teased at school for using the wrong colors in art class. Erik feels hopeless until his parents find out he is color blind or what is now known as color vision deficiency.

Erik the Red Sees Green: A Story About Color Blindness

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