I am Lucille Ball

“Love yourself first and everything falls in line” Lucille Ball (quoted from I am Lucille Ball)

When I am Lucille Ball by Brad Meltzer arrived in the mail, I was excited to read it to my children and share the legend of Lucille Ball with them. This series of books called Ordinary People Change the World are interesting, engaging and inspiring books. The series highlights books about typical people that made big changes in our world in various ways. I strongly believe that no matter what background, socioeconomic race or culture a person comes from, any person has the potential to change the world if he or she chooses.

I am Lucille Ball takes the reader through the life of Lucille Ball including her upbringing, struggles and adventures in comedy. I learned facts about Lucille Ball that I never know about including her childhood with her Grandmother Peterson and her rejections that lead to her success. The book also describes her various appearances, including her viewing on the Three Stooges. The book highlights Lucille’s innate nature to entertain and make people laugh regardless of the situation and discusses how the show, I Love Lucy developed and how it became popular. To a child reading and listening to this book, it can inspire him or her to be anything they want to be. Lucy struggled but she still made it to top! Lucy was teased and rejected time after time but she never gave up because she was determined to make it in the world of comedy.

I am Lucille Ball is an excellent book for young children because it teaches history and gives a brief biography of an influential person without being overwhelming. After you read this book, follow it up with these questions and tips below. Discuss the word comedy and actor and explore the timeline in the back of the book.

  1. What is a comedian?
  2. Was Lucy always accepted by her peers? Why and why not?
  3. How did Lucy change the world?
  4. Describe Lucy (e.g. funny, determined, etc)
  5. How did she feel when she was rejected? How did she feel when she got her own show?

Are you a teacher? Check out these excellent ways to discuss Lucille Ball in your classroom.

I am Lucille Ball

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