Temple Did It, and I Can, Too! Seven Simple Life Rules

Temple Did it, and I Can, Too! is an inspiration story of a girl named Temple who defeats all odds in spite of her disabilities. Temple Grandin is a successful woman with Autism that inspires people all over the world as an advocate for individuals with autism and their families.

The book begins with an explanation of how the story is going to be told with regard to the narrators words and Temple’s words (one font is the narrator’s word and in another font is Temple’s words). Temple Did It, and I can Too! begins with an explanation of who Temple is and what she is famous for with regards to her contributions towards advances in animal science. The book then continues with the challenges that Temple had to face given her inability to speak and interaction with peers.

How did Temple become successful and famous given her challenges as a child?

Here are the Seven Simple Life Rules that Temple has lived by:

  1. “Follow your passion and learn it well.”
  2. “Don’t spend too much time playing video games or following pointless pursuits.”
  3. “Life life!”
  4. “Be yourself, but you have to fit in a  little.”
  5. “Develop your talent.”
  6. “Perfection is not possible.”
  7. “Work hard.”
  8. “Never stop learning.”

For each simple life rule, Temple explains her perspective and how she lives by these specific life rules each day. I loved this book because it’s not only inspiring for children with special needs, it is inspiring for all children. This can help begin a meaningful conversation with your children. For example, the rule of “Perfection is not possible” can be an excellent time to discuss how mistakes shape us in how we learn and live life. “Follow your passion and learn it well” is something that both children and adults should live by. As adults, we can get caught up in a daily life and forget about our passions. It’s up to us as parents to be examples for our children in following our passions and developing our talents. Inspire your own child to seek her talent. If your daughter loves art, encourage her to learn it well. If she horses, take out books from the library about horses so she can learn more.

Temple Did It I Can Too!

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