Picture Books that Encourage a Child to Tell the Truth

Does your child always tell the truth? Have you ever caught your little one telling a white lie? Have you ever been a caught in a lie? Well, these three books are for you! Even if your child always tells the truth, it is valuable for them to learn about what lying is and the consequences to that particular behavior. I like these three books that I have chosen because each book takes a different perspective on the concept of telling the truth but the results are always the the same. No one will believe you if  don’t tell the truth!

Betty Bunny Didn’t Do it! by Michael Kaplan is the third of the Betty Bunny Series that I have reviewed.  My children love the characters in the story and you will find your own child relating to at least one character in this story. In this particular book, Betty Bunny learns all about telling the truth. By accident, she breaks a lamp in the family room. What does she do? She decides that instead of telling her mother the truth, she tells her that the tooth fairy did it! Her mother gets really upset at Betty Bunny for lying. At the end of the book, Betty Bunny vows to never lie again, even if it means telling her daddy that he is stinky. This book is funny, sweet and can be helpful in teaching your little one to tell the truth! Your child will be giggling and learning at the same time 🙂

Betty Bunny Didn’t Do It

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Be Honest and Tell the Truth is another wonderful book by Cheri Meiners. To check out my interview with her, click here. Cheri is a writer, educator and parent which makes it an ideal combination for writing books to help children learn important concepts, like telling the truth. This book discusses why it is so important to tell the truth and what happens if we lie to others. Cheri teaches children through this book that telling the truth takes courage and with honesty build trust. Children need to understand that if they lie, people will not believe them when they are actually telling the truth. I love this book because it can be read to any child ages 4 and up and can be an excellent teaching tool. The book also includes tips for parents as well as carryover activities.

Be Honest and Tell the Truth (Learning to Get Along®)

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The Berenstain Bears and The Truth is another tale of a broken lamp. Brother and sister break a lamp while playing soccer inside the house. Playing ball in the house against the rules so they both decided to tell Mother that a bird broke the lamp instead of them. This was quite a tale for Mother to hear. The more they told of this made up story, the bigger the lie became. The second time they told the “whooper” (lie) it was hard for them to remember all of the details of the first lie. Mother finds out and is very disappointed that her cubs have lied to her. This book is a classic and can be a great teaching tool for a child to learn about telling the truth.

The Berenstain Bears and the Truth

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