Erik the Red sees Green

Do you have a child that is color blind? Do you know anyone that is color blind? According to the Colour Blind Awareness website, approximately 4.5% of the world population lives with a color vision deficiency.

Erik the Red sees Green by Julie Anderson is an excellent book to read to your child to help raise awareness of color vision deficiency in children. Erik the Red is like any ordinary boy but he has been having a hard time in school. He can’t see the chalk board, throws the ball to the wrong team during gym class and gets in trouble for getting his work wrong in class. He is even teased at school for using the wrong colors in art class. Erik feels hopeless until his parents find out he is color blind or what is now known as color vision deficiency.

My own children enjoyed the part of the book that showed how a person with a color vision deficiency sees a picture versus someone who does not.  The book also discussed modifications that needed to be made in the classroom for Erik (e.g. using white chalk on the blackboard instead of yellow, etc).  Erik the Red sees Green also provides information in the back of the book for parents and educators.

For more information about color vision deficiency, check out The Colour Blind Awareness Site here.

Erik the Red Sees Green

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