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Picky, Picky Pete

Picky, Picky Pete is a children’s book about a boy with a sensory processing disorder. Pete’s mom struggles each morning to get Pete dressed and ready for school. Many challenges arise such as itchy tags, gooey soap and touch sensitivity that interfere with the morning routine. I think many moms can relate to this book because most of us find it challenging to get our kids up and ready for school. If you have a child with a sensory processing disorder, it can be even more challenging because things that may not bother a typical child, such as getting dressed can be difficult for a child with sensory issues. My kids enjoyed this book because they saw how exhausted the mom got from all of these challenges which I think gave them a new perspective on a mom’s point of view (or dad if he is one the getting the children ready). The book was also a bit silly which made it fun for kids to relate to. What I enjoyed most about the book was the end, when Pete expressed to his mom that  being picky is what makes him  who he is and that he loves his mom morning, day and night. It was a sweet ending………

Pete is one example of a child with a sensory processing disorder. I think it’s important to note that every child is different. Another child can have a sensory processing disorder and never mind tags but is bothered by certain noises or LOVES water and can’t transition away from it. For more information on sensory processing disorder, talk with an occupational therapist.

Picky Picky Pete

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